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Breck's coupon - $100 off orders of $200 or more

Posted on 03/31/2012

Have you already started thinking about your Summer and Spring garden? If so, we hope you've planned to make a stop over at Breck's before you begin planting and will give you two good reasons why! Reason 1: They have a wide selection of quality bulbs like lilies, perennials, irises, hyacinths and more. Reason 2: Use coupon code 0731962 during the final stage of checkout and it will slash an incredible $100 off any order of $200 or more! See? You simply must stop by! Be sure to shop soon, coupon ends on 04/03/2012.

Breck's coupon - Save 66% on Midnight Mystique Hyacinth

Posted on 10/25/2011

Looking to add something deep in color, highly scented, and unique to your garden? Try some Midnight Mystique Hyacinth from Breck's! This special bulb is a breakthrough in hyacinth hybridizing and took nearly two decades to perfect - how could you not want something so special to be a part of your collection. Order it now and use special coupon code 0731104 to save 66% off! Hurry, coupon expires 11/01/2011.

Breck's sale - $17.99 off the Blue Accent Garden

Posted on 06/07/2009

If you're like us, you grew up thinking that there were no blue flowers. None. Purple, sure, but blue, never. Make up for that misconception now at Breck's! Their 99-bulb Blue Accent Garden, containing iris, hyacinth, allium, bluebell, mountain lily, and anemone, will turn your garden into a blue heaven for only $44.99 - $17.99 off the original price.

You should have seen how we reacted when we found out about green tulips.

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Breck's sale - $13 off the Giant Dutch Tulip Collection

Posted on 06/06/2009

Few flowers can make a garden look both cheerful and tidy the way tulips can. If your yard could use a few (say, 40) then this is the deal for you. Get 10 each of Queen of Night, Ice Princess, Sancerre, and Passionate tulips as pictured here for $13 off the original price at Breck's. That mean's you're only paying $29.99, less than a dollar a bulb! Personally we love the look of Queen of Night blooms.

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Breck's - Premium Dutch Bulbs

Posted on 05/05/2009

Breck's is the place for your Spring and Summer bulb needs. They have one of the widest selection of quality bulbs including lilies, perennials, irises, hyacinths and so much more. Your flower garden will be the envy of everyone's eye. Breck's has a wide selection of plants too! We are big fans of these Gladioli. In addition, you get $25 off any order of $50 or more! Now, that's a deal!

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Breck's - $25 off a purchase of $50 or more

Little_Girl and flowers.gif
Posted on 05/05/2009

Have you planted your bulbs and other flowers around your home for this Spring and Summer season? If not, Breck's is offering $25 off your purchase of $50 or more on their wide variety of flower bulbs direct to you from Holland! They've got a staff of Dutch bulb experts to give you the cream-of-the-crop bulb selection from Daffodils to Begonias, they've got it all. Offer expiry unknown.

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Brecks is found in many floral shops, nurseries and even department stores but now has expanded to an online shop where guests can order from the comfort of their own home. Direct from Holland, the seeds and plants that can be ordered range from Crocus and Tulips to specialty bulbs.

To get the latest list of Brecks coupons, check out You can browse the site and find the Breck’s coupon code you wish to use, copy the number and click the link to be taken to the merchant site for easy ordering. When you are ready to check out, the Brecks coupon codes or Breck’s promo code will be entered in the box provided, and your discount will take effect.

The site offers "how to" videos for planting your bulbs and seeds, and a great selection of useful tips for the gardener. You can sign up for the free newsletter to receive even more tips as well as news about any upcoming promotions sales or clearance items. You can contact the company to order by phone or to have your questions answered at (513) 354-1511 during regular business hours Eastern/Standard time.