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Allergy Buyers Club - 5% off your order

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Posted on 09/15/2009

Allergies got you down? Sinus problems? There's really no way to avoid them unless you try living in a clean air bubble, but fat chance that could become a reality anytime soon, right? So in the meantime, check out Allergy Buyers Club and their amazing products to help reduce and prevent allergy symptoms and their severity. Like this Blueair 201 air purifier with HEPA silent filter. You can save $60 on this product right now and get free shipping. Also, they're offering 5% off your order with code FALLSAVE509. This offer ends 10/31/2009, so get allergy protected this fall with all the savings they've got to offer!

Allergy Buyers Club - Free shipping over $150

Posted on 09/15/2009

For all you allergy sufferers out there, Allergy Buyers Club is here to help! They've got so many great products, discounts, and offers because they know their allergies. Check out these Solus Organic Cotton Dust Mite Comforter Encasements – GOTS certified allergen barrier covers. Save up to $100 on these amazingly soft and good for those who want a dust-mite and bed-bug free sleeping environment. I think that's all of us! Plus they're organic! Also, get free shipping on orders over $150. So, get a good night's sleep knowing your're bed is allergy free! Offer is ongoing.