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Next Best Is Better: Pastel Skinny Jeans

Posted on 04/09/2012

"Um, Bargainist?" We hear you say, "Easter was yesterday. Why are you showing me a picture of Easter-colored jeans?" Well, there's a method to our madness, we promise. Pastels aren't just in for Easter this year, but spring & summer 2012 fashion as well! And as with a lot of trends, our policy is to think simple silhouettes with crazy colors/prints, and crazy trendy silhouettes with simpler colors. Not sure how to wear these candy-hued pants? Err towards the simple end of the spectrum, pairing them with light and dark neutrals so the look isn't overwhelmingly girly.

Of course, much like many of us wait until today to buy Easter candy (now at half price, yo!), it's a good idea to wait and find these trendy denims for a cheaper price, rather than pay mondo designer bucks. To show you what a little work can do, we've rounded up seven pairs of perfectly pretty pastel skinny jeans ranging from $325 to just $27.80. Hop on over and check 'em out after the jump!

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Next Best Is Better: Floral High-Low Dresses

Posted on 04/04/2012

What's a high-low dress? Well, take a look at the skirts of these seven frocks... The front is, well, higher, and the back is lower! We love them in soft floral prints, perfect for casual summer days or even springtime wedding guest ensembles. But, of course, we're reluctant to pay big designer bucks for one of these sweet little dresses. So, we searched HIGH and LOW for some alternatives, and the 7 we found range from $285 (too high!) to $34.50 (nice and low!). Check 'em out after the jump!

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Next Best Is Better: Suede Loafer Pumps

Posted on 09/29/2011

"One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong..." Readers, we've got a challenge for you. One of the two pairs of divine suede loafer pumps pictured above will cost you a whopping $295. The other? $119, a $176 savings of 60%. Both are equally trendy and will look great with a ton of items in any fashionista's closet this fall and winter.

But.... Which is which? Can you tell the designer from the dupe? Make your guess, then find out the answer after the jump!

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Next Best Is Better: Cute, Cheap Houndstooth Accessories

Posted on 09/23/2011

According to the fashion blog-o-sphere, the houndstooth check pattern is having a "moment" right now, and we couldn't be happier. Especially in a clean black-and-white color palette, it's fun, graphic, and preppy. With our budgets (and yours!) in mind, we've rounded up seven cute n' cheap houndstooth accessories, all $50 or less. "Check" them out after the jump!

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Next Best Is Better: Edgy Motorcycle Boots

Posted on 09/14/2011

There are some trends cropping up this fall we're not too thrilled about (the resurgence of shoulder pads, yellow eye shadow, pleated pants), but others have out fashion-hungry souls all a twitter with stylish anticipation. One of the look we're rather excited about is motorcycle boots. They've comfortable to tromp around all day in a pumpkin patch and chic enough to sport for cocktails with your favorite ladies. We've got a phenom array of affordable selections after the jump.

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Next Best Is Better: Metallic Pumps

Posted on 09/14/2011

Our eyes are blinded by all the metallics that are covering runways and store shelves this fall... It's a gleaming, golden (bronzed, silvered), gorgeous trend, and we couldn't be more excited. An easy way to add some shine to your wardrobe? Metallic pumps, of course! But with top designers thinking that the average American woman will happily pay $500+ for a pair of pumps, many women would rather steer clear. We're here to tell you that you don't have to!

To show you what a little careful comparison shopping can yield you, we've rounded up 12 pairs of fab metallic pumps: Two are the real-designer-deal, clocking in at $595 and $825, respectively, but the remaining ten? All $100 or less. Check 'em out after the jump!

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Next Best Is Better: $50-or-Less Sheer Sweaters

Posted on 09/07/2011

As fall approaches and there's a bit of a chill in the air, we get unnaturally excited to start bringing out our jackets and sweaters again. But, at this point in the year, a heavy, chunky knit sweater in wool is just TOO much. Solution? One of fall's biggest trends: Sheer sweaters. Obviously, unless you're really, really brave, we recommend wearing a camisole underneath a sheer sweater, but it's a great light layer. If you're on a budget, like we are, check out some of our favorite sheer sweaters, all $50 or less, after the jump!

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Next Best Is Better: $50-or-Less Pleated Skirts

Posted on 09/02/2011

We told you librarian chic was in this fall! First it was penny loafers, now the ubiquitous librarian staple: The pleated skirt. These aren't a demure, knee-length brown affair, though. 2011's pleated skirts are in fun prints and colors, and every length from mini to maxi. But should you spend big bucks? Nah. To show you what's out there for your hard-earned cash, we've rounded up six bright, fun pleated skirts that all ring up for under $50. Check 'em out after the jump!

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Next Best Is Better: Metallic Teal Nail Polish

Posted on 08/31/2011

Metallics = THE thing for nail polish colors for Fall & Winter 2011-12. Combine that with teal being one of THE hot colors, and what have you got? Drool-worthy metallic teal nail polish, of course! Given how long we usually end up keeping nail polish on our fingers & toes (we change our minds a lot), though, why should we spend big bucks on designer lacquer?

With our wallets in mind, we rounded up six similar metallic teal polishes ranging from $14 to just $2.80. Check 'em out after the jump, then get to painting!

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Next Best Is Better: Celeb Style - Katy Perry's VMAs Coral Cocktail Ring

Posted on 08/29/2011

We'll be the first to admit we could NEVER pull off 99.99% of Katy Perry's outlandish outfits, but you've got to admit the gal has fashion chutzpah. At last night's MTV VMAs, she arrived wearing a pale blue Asian-inspired Atelier Versace fall '11 dress accessorized with an umbrella and a gorgeous pale coral cocktail ring (pictured center). Given that her entire night's wardrobe was couture, we're guessing the ring was the real deal and probably worth many thousands of dollars - but, we loved it, and wanted to find something similar (but faux) for ourselves!

So, we rounded up eight peach & pink cocktail rings, all $100 or less. Check 'em out after the jump - and thanks, Katy, for the inspiration!

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Next Best Is Better: $50-or-Less Poncho Sweaters

Posted on 08/26/2011

To be perfectly honest with you, readers, we're not the biggest fans of ponchos: They often come in truly cheesy prints and knits that should have stayed in the 1970's. But, everything old is new again, and poncho sweaters are capital-B-Big this fall. So for those of you who love 'em and can't wait to drape one over your shoulders, we've rounded up eight ponchos, all $45.99 or less. Check 'em out after the jump, and enjoy!

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Next Best Is Better: Wheels and DollBaby's Mademoiselle Dentelle Lace Picnic Dress for Monica

Posted on 08/24/2011

Monica wrote: "I was doing some online window shopping and fell in love with this Wheels and DollBaby Mademoiselle Dentelle Lace Picnic Dress with Belt ($490.31, #1 in picture), but $490 is, like, my ENTIRE fall/winter 2011 clothing budget. Any chance you could find something similarly styled for, say, under $100?"

Monica, you are clearly on-trend, since cute little lace dresses like this are SO in right now - but that price is just a no go. So, we tracked down five similar frocks ranging from $98 to just $58.99 Check 'em out after the jump, you lacy lady, you!

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Next Best Is Better: Cute, Cheap Teal Accessories

Posted on 08/22/2011

Jewel tones are HUGE this fall & winter, and one of our favorite hues that keeps popping up is rich, decadent teal. Delish! It can be a hard color for some gals to pull off head-to-toe, so we love adding teal to outfits in the form of inexpensive accessories. Check out these nine cute, cheap teal accessories, all $50 or less (well, $42 or less, which is even better!) after the jump!

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Next Best Is Better: Cute, Cheap Colorblock Tees

Posted on 08/19/2011

The colorblocking trend has continued from summer to fall & winter fashions this year, and it's an easy way to add graphic appeal to an outfit without loading on tons of accessories. We love colorblocked tee shirts for relaxed, casual ensembles with a nice pop of color, but we aren't about to pay high designer prices for 'em! With that in mind, we rounded up six adorable colorblock t-shirts ranging from just $16.94 to $88. Check 'em out after the jump!

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Next Best Is Better: Corduroy Blazers

Posted on 08/18/2011

When we were kids, we loved wearing corduroy pants just so we could listen to the zip-zup-zip-zup of the pants as we walked. Anyone else? Anyone? Anyone? No? Okay, then, apparently we were (and are) nerds, but that's okay. Moving on!

Designers everywhere are releasing corduroy blazers & jackets as part of their fall collections, and as corduroy-aholics, we approve - there's something so cozy and professorial about these tailored jackets! But no professor we know could possibly afford $1,195 for a jacket, the price of the most expensive one pictured above. So, we rounded up a total of six corduroy blazers ranging from the aforementioned $1.195 to just $49.99. Check 'em out after the jump!

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Next Best Is Better: Plaid Ballet Flats

Posted on 08/17/2011

Maybe all the world's major fashion designers got together one evening for a movie marathon that included Brigadoon and Braveheart, we're not sure, but any way you slice it, plaid is officially one of the "it" patterns for fall. If you like tartan, but aren't sure you'd like to do larger-scale plaid in the form of a shirt or dress, give some cute plaid ballet flats a try!

In the Scottish spirit, we've rounded up five bonny pairs of tartan flats ranging from $315 (which could get you all or part of a plane ticket TO Scotland) to just $14.50 (infinitely preferable to haggis, in our opinions!). Which is which? Check 'em out after the jump!

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Next Best Is Better: Chanel's Fall 2011 'Graphite' Nail Polish

Posted on 08/15/2011

We just about swooned with metallic glee over Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour 529 in Graphite ($29.99, #1 in picture), knowing it was a) to-die-for, b) expensive, and c) sure to sell out in a matter of nanoseconds. Solution? Dupes, of course! We rounded up five similar dark gray shimmer/glitter nail polishes ranging from $17 to $3.59. Check 'em out after the jump, then go get lacquered up!

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Next Best Is Better: $50-or-Less Brightly Hued Envelope Clutches

Posted on 08/12/2011

There's just something so ladylike about carrying a clutch around, and so-called "envelope clutches" (it's easy to see where the moniker came from) are very in for Fall/Winter 2011. But why go for a boring brown or black bag, when you could brighten things up with an envelope clutch in just about any hue of the rainbow? And for less than $50, too? We've corralled 6 fun, festively colored envelope clutches ranging from $28 to $48. Check 'em out after the jump - we think you'll be impressed with what we came through with in the clutch (a ha, a ha).

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Next Best Is Better: Wedge Loafer Pumps

Posted on 08/10/2011

Apparently, fashion designers were inspired by librarians, because this fall, wedge penny loafers are the shoe to have. Most librarians we know, however, don't have the budget for $500+ designer shoes, though, so what gives?

To show you what a little careful searching can yield you, we've rounded up six super cute pairs of wedge loafers ranging from $510 (how many months of late fees is THAT?) to just $55 (doable on even a librarian's salary!). Which is which? Check 'em out after the jump!

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Next Best Is Better: Really, REALLY Big Single-Stone Gold Cocktail Rings

Posted on 08/09/2011

Celebs like Rachel Zoe have been spotted at red carpets & events wearing some seriously, incredibly large single-stone gold cocktail rings in bold colors. Now, we're guessing that celebs can afford the real-deal gemstones (or at least get them on loan, the lucky ducks), so they have no need to bargain-hunt like the rest of us. What's a budgeting gal to do to get the same look? Check out one of these 7 lookalike rings, ranging from just $11 to a too-high-for-comfort $290.40, after the jump!

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Next Best Is Better: $70 or Less Midi Skirts

Posted on 08/08/2011

There's an old fashion adage that says something about the worse the economy is, the longer women's skirts get - and it's true! Right now, the economy ain't so hot, and midi-or-longer-length skirts are in. But if the economy isn't doing well, why are designers charging outlandish prices for these skirts? We'd think they'd be charging LESS so women would buy MORE! Luckily, there are a few clothing companies that apparently realized the truth in our previous sentence and have released some great, inexpensive midi skirts.

We've rounded up five fun midi skirts, all under $70, but most under $50 (score!), for you to wear this fall and winter. Check 'em out after the jump!

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