Where to Find Used Halloween Costumes

Posted on 10/07/2014

This might freak you out. According to the National Retail Federation's 2014 Halloween Consumer Spending Survey the average person will fork over $77.52 this year on Halloween stuff. Two in three people will buy Halloween costumes this year, the most ever in the survey's history. Consumers will spend a whopping $1 billion on children's costumes. Before you get too spooked, consider checking out these sources for used Halloween costumes.

Your Attic
That's right-- head to your own attic, storage closet or garage. Pull out last year's Halloween costume and have fun all over again. Who says you have to be something different every year? If it served you well in 2013, it will probably be just fine for another night.

Costume Swap
Costume swap events are happening in communities all across the country in the days and weeks leading up to Halloween. For instance those who visit this Oklahoma City Zoo this week and donate a gently used costume can come back Saturday to pick out a different costume for free. Your local library may also be hosting a costume swap, just like this one in Connecticut.

Another option for scoring a great used Halloween costume is Craigslist. Search your community's Craigslist page for some possible costume options. Weekend yard sale listings may also specifically mention Halloween goods.

Thrift Store
Every year families donate gently used Halloween costumes to their local thrift stores. After all, little Sue or Bobby won't fit into that adorable costume next year. This is your chance to score a great deal on a like-new costume. As long as Sue or Bobby didn't leave a Kit Kat to melt in the pocket your little one will never suspect that the costume has already been around the block a Halloween or two.

Friends' Homes
Send out a group email and find out if friends have costumes they'd be willing to lend you. Be sure to offer up the outfits you're storing in your costume closet. They might be more willing to let you borrow their police officer costume if you've got a caveman you can trade.

By Alison Storm

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