IKEA Hacks: The Most Amazing Budget Furniture Makeovers

Posted on 10/15/2014

Love the price tags at IKEA, but wish you could collect furniture with a higher end feel? Thankfully there are some incredibly talented people who have done the hard work already, transforming budget-friendly IKEA pieces into luxury knock-offs.

Faux Zinc Dresser
A $35 pine IKEA dresser gets the most amazing makeover at HomeFromIndia.com. Using just $15 worth of easy-to-find supplies from a craft store plus some white primer, brewed coffee and cheap balsamic vinegar, you can make your basic dresser look like it came from a high end furniture shop.

Closet Built-Ins
Custom built-in closets can cost thousands of dollars. But when IKEA is involved, it will cost pennies on the dollar. Jen at IHeartOrganizing.blogspot.com took an Expedit bookshelf, anchored it to the wall and attached shower curtain rods to create a completely custom feel in her son's closet.

Reclaimed Wood Headboard
Transform a basic IKEA Malm headboard into something truly spectacular when you adhere reclaimed Stikwood to it. Blogger SugarandCloth.com used about ten square feet of the wood which is already backed with adhesive, making it very beginner-friendly.

Farmhouse Table
Farmhouse tables are all the rage right now, but they can cost a pretty penny. Thanks to EastCoastCreativeBlog.com you can make one of your own starting with a $69 pine IKEA table. You'll have to build a topper to make the table bigger, but once that's done you'll just need to distress the wood and stain it in order to call this one complete.

Gilded Nightstand
Gold detailing on furniture can equal dollar signs, but not when you're giving a simple IKEA Rast dresser a mini makeover. You'll need some gold hardware, white lacquer paint and a bit of gold leaf to complete the full project from StyleMePretty.com.

By Alison Storm

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