Give Your Porch a Spooky Halloween Makeover for Less

Posted on 10/17/2014

Often your porch is the only part of your home trick or treaters visit on Halloween night. Give a pleasant porch a menacing makeover in time for October 31. Make it extra spooky without spending an insane amount of money thanks to these creatively cheap ideas.

Hay Bales
Elevate your pumpkins or create some festive seating on your porch with a hay bale or two. Normally used to feed horses, you can buy two-string bales of hay at select Tractor Supply locations.

Tree Branches
Tree branches are free and can instantly be used to add some spookiness to your porch. Take a cue from who propped long branches up in the corners of her porch and perched fake black ravens on them.

Tomato Cage Ghost
Now that tomato season is wrapping up, put your tomato cage to good use on the front porch. Wrap the cage with white Christmas lights and toss a plain white sheet over the top. Cut out eyes and a mouth from black felt, securing them to the sheet. For inspiration check out

Mummy Front Door
The creative blogger at used some strips of leftover thin white fabric to mummify her porch. Using tape to secure the fabric she loosely wrapped the door. Don't forget to add some eyes peeking out from behind the fabric.

Create a Crime Scene
Tip over your patio chairs to add some chaos to the scene. Have a volunteer lay on the ground while you draw their outline in chalk to recreate the spot where a body may have been discovered.

Coffee Can Lights
Instead of spending money on pumpkins that may rot well before October 31, light up your porch with empty coffee cans. Use a hammer and something sharp to poke holes in the can. Paint them black and put a candle inside to illuminate them on Halloween.

By Alison Storm

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