10 Words to Use to Sound Wealthier

Posted on 10/09/2014

Can your vocabulary be an indicator of your financial status? It's possible. If you want to sound wealthier work these ten words into your daily communication patterns.

Gross Margin
Gross margin is used to express the percent of sales revenue a company makes after subtracting expenses. The higher your gross margin, the more money you're keeping in your pocket.

Trust Fund
Even if you don't have one, throw around the words "trust fund" to sound like a wealthy person.

How does your collection of rare leather bound books stack up? Wealthy people know that something's age can impact its value. Study up on antiquities and you'll definitely sound like you've got money in the bank.

Homeowners are probably already familiar with the concept of equity. Quite simply, you want it. It's the value of a mortgaged property after your loan is paid off.

Net Worth
Do you know your net worth? Wealthy people usually do. It's what is owned, minus what is owed. To calculate your net worth head to BankRate.com. The free net worth calculator will help you list out your assets and liabilities.

When you're wealthy luxury is important. It's not necessarily about quantity, but more about quality.

Board of Directors
Serving on a board means you must be doing something right. Someone thinks you're smart enough, influential enough or worth enough to make some big decisions. And it could also indicate a robust bank account.

Commodities can be anything with value including time, water or coffee. But calling your time a commodity just makes it sound so much more important.

Debutante balls are common in aristocratic or upper class circles. Traditionally they're a way to introduce a young lady to society. And if you want to sound like you're from an elite social order, work this word into your vernacular.

Wealthy people are all about the amenities. Whether they're talking about their gym membership or an Aspen ski resort, top notch amenities are important to those with upper crust standards.

By Alison Storm

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