The Boys Club: How Shopping in the Kids Department Can Save Money

Posted on 09/19/2014

There are some pretty crazy ways to save money, but this one may have you saying, "you've got to be kidding." Turns out, sizes in the kids' department aren't the only things running smaller. The price tag can be way more favorable for the frugal-minded. Here's how shopping in the kids department can save money.

Kids Underwear
No, we're not saying you must buy Thomas the Tank undies, but a certain group of savvy shoppers have already noticed that boys' XL boxer briefs are the same waist size as a men's small. The differences in style are apparently negligible, according to a report from But the price for a Fruit of the Loom four-pack is just $9.99, compared to a three-pack of men's briefs which is $12.99.

For petite adults junior jackets are another clothing item where the kids department could be a cheaper destination. Rain coats aren't necessarily a fitted item anyway, so a kids cut may be the perfect fit for an adult. Plus the price tag could be up to $50 less according to those with experience.

Designer Brands
Some say kid-sized designer brands are worth checking out. For petite ladies looking for a structured blazer, the Ralph Lauren boys department could be the way to go. You'll pay half the price and the quality will still be top notch.

Men Wearing Boys Clothes
For men who are curious about where to start with this bizarre money saving method check out this entire Tumblr page devoted to the concept. Started by a young man who was tired of ill-fitting adult clothes, he's providing readers with ideas for turning boys clothes into manly looking outfits.

T-shirts and Tanks
Basics like t-shirts and tanks are a no-brainer when it comes to the kids department. You'll pay far less for these staples and the quality won't waiver. Just steer clear of anything with glitter, bows or super heroes.

By Alison Storm

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