The Art of the Humble Brag: How to Publicly Celebrate Your Saving Success Stories

Posted on 09/17/2014

Among the new words added to the Oxford dictionary this year is humblebrag. Along with Yolo and adorbs, the word is derived from social media. Humblebrag, a term originally coined by author Harris Wittels, refers to someone's post boasting about an achievement in a way that is disguised as a self-deprecating comment. And when it comes to the humblebrag, frugal shoppers know how to do it well. Need some help publicly celebrating your saving success stories without overtly bragging? Consider these tips for perfecting the art of the humblebrag.

Complain About the Pain of Success
Shopping success comes with its downsides. At least that's what you can lead people to believe through your humblebrag that goes something like this: "My fingers hurt from carrying all of those Victoria's Secret bags to my car from the Semi-Annual Sale."

Act Confused
Couponers are smart and they rarely have any difficulty finding a use for the money they save. But that doesn't make for a very good humblebrag. Instead say, "I have no idea what I'm going to do with all the money I'm saving. Maybe plan a trip to the Bahamas or just go to the spa. Again."

Release Details About Your Stockpile
Avid couponers love to compare the size of their stockpile with other couponers. The humblebrag is a great place to reveal details about the size of your stockpile by saying something like "I don't know where I'm going to store all this free deodorant I just scored from Walgreens. My shelves are already full from last week's CVS haul."

Welcome Your New Fans
You may have only received one new Instagram follower in the last month, but no one has to know. Take the time to reintroduce yourself regularly to your new fans with a broad introduction to all of the newbies out there. Be sure to add that you're humbled by all of the people who are taking an interest in your shopping achievements.

Announce Your Good Deeds
Are you moonlighting as a coupon fairy by leaving unwanted coupons next to the products at your favorite grocery store or big box retailer? Snap a pic and tweet about it saying "coupon fairy strikes again at the Wichita Target. You're welcome."

Fake Annoyance
Is anyone ever really annoyed by scoring a great deal? Probably not, but you can fake it with a humblebrag. "So annoyed with the new Walmart cashier who couldn't figure out how to price match my free laundry detergent." Or maybe something like, "Ugh. Have no place to put these 30 packs of free diapers I just scored."

By Alison Storm

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