How to Trade in Your iPhone Before the Next One Hits

Posted on 09/08/2014

September 9 is an exciting day, better than Christmas for the biggest Apple fans. That's when Apple will unveil two new iPhones and, according to Time, the long-awaited rumored smartwatch. The new iPhone models will offer bigger screens, a one-handed typing feature and a mobile payment system. With the release of these new phones, current models will likely take a plunge in value, which is why you may want to trade yours in now.

Recycle It at Apple
Apple offers a Reuse and Recycling Program. Any Apple products may be turned in to Apple stores for gift cards that can be used to purchase anything-- including a brand new phone. You'll just have to answer a few questions about your device at, ship it and within weeks your gift card will arrive.

Trade It In To Your Carrier
Cell phone carriers like Verizon and AT&T also offer recycling programs. At Verizon, you can receive store credit for your old phone or even donate it to HopeLine, a program that provides support to domestic violence victims. AT&T offers a similar trade-in program that provides a promotion card good towards the purchase of products and services.

Nextworth promises to provide top dollar for used electronics like iPhones. They have also partnered with retailers like Target to give you an in-store option for trade-ins. Nextworth offers a 30-day price lock which means your quote is valid for up to 30 days after it's issued, even if there happens to be a flood on iPhones.

Right now you can earn as much as $280 for your 64GB Apple iPhone 5s at They'll pay you as much as $265 for a 32GB iPhone 5s. You'll get the most cash for your phone if it powers up and the screen is free of cracks. Once the site receives your item they'll issue you a check for the agreed upon amount.

Buyback Boss
Buyback Boss offers cash for iPhones and claims to have the guaranteed highest offers. Payments are issued the same day your device arrives to the processing facility. You can even choose to be paid via PayPal which means the money is deposited immediately.

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