Free Halloween Costumes for Your Pet

Posted on 09/26/2014

Halloween is for the dogs. Last year shoppers spent $330 million on pet costumes according to a report by Want your pet to participate in Halloween festivities without taking a bite out of your bank account? Check out these free costume ideas for your pet.

Flower Power
Turn your beloved pet into a flower with a few simple steps from Martha Stewart. You'll need enough ribbon to reach around your pet's neck. Using the template found on, cut petals out of felt and sew them to the ribbon. Add Velcro to the ends of the ribbon and attach around your pet's neck.

Using white washi tape turn your brown doggie into a football. Simply attach the tape to his fur to mimic the laces on a football. This works best on pups with short hair so the tape comes off easily.

Starbucks Cup
Head to Starbucks for some free supplies to turn your pet into a cup of coffee. Create a cute cap with a lid from a to-go cup and some pipe cleaners. Cut and tape two brown paper Starbucks bags together to create the body of the outfit. For complete instructions check out this YouTube video.

If your pet doesn't appreciate a full costume, they may tolerate these bat wings. Find a free template at Cut the wings out of black wool felt and attach to their harness with fabric glue.

Hostess Cupcake
Turn your pooch into the sweetest pet on the block with this simple DIY Hostess cupcake costume. Follow the easy instructions to create a basic solid brown dog coat with help from Then add a curly cue just like the Hostess cupcake with white fabric paint.

Turn your furry little man into a rough and tough cowboy. Simply tie a spare bandana around his neck and if you're feeling really creative make him a pair of boots out of cardboard and markers.

By Alison Storm

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