Small Space, Small Budget: Locker Decor on a Dime

Posted on 08/18/2014

It may be small but a locker is a great place for your tween or teen to show off their personality. And since they visit it several times a day, why not make it a special spot that lifts their mood? The space you're decorating isn't the only thing that's tiny - your budget can be, too.

Clothespin Magnets
Magnets are a great way to add pattern and color to your locker. And clothespins are practical because you can display photos, important papers or other stuff. Better Homes and Gardens magazine says it's as easy as cutting patterned paper to fit the front of the clothespin and applying it with a decoupage medium. Adhere a magnet to the back using a hot glue gun and you're done.

Get rid of boring walls by applying contact paper in your child's favorite color or design. A two-pack of contact paper from is enough to cover 30 square feet and sells for $12.99. Choose between fun prints like chevron, zebra, giraffe and many more.

Now that the walls are covered it's time to think about flooring - yes, flooring! Head to the dollar store and pick up a small rug. Cut it to fit the bottom of the locker and hold it down with Velcro strips.

Add some pizzazz to the edge of each shelf with the help of fringe or beaded trim, like you would use to decorate a pillow. You can easily attach this to your locker with magnetic tape, according to Make a few varieties so the student can redecorate whenever the mood strikes.

Locker Shelf
Add more real estate to the locker with a locker shelf. Choose between white and silver at They're each $9.99 and will instantly maximize vertical space.

Locker Lights
Illuminate the locker with battery-operated string lights. You can pick them up in most places where Halloween or Christmas decorations are sold. also has a dark pink strand of LED lights on sale for $9.99. Just make sure they're turned off when you go to class.

By Alison Storm

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