Seven Reasons to Ignore Expiration Dates and Shop at a Bargain Grocer

Posted on 08/28/2014

There may not be freshly brewed coffee samples readily available and classical music relaxing you into a lull, but bargain grocery stores are definitely chock-full of deals. If you're looking for ways to slash big money off your food bill here are ten reasons to ignore expiration dates and shop at a bargain grocer.

It's a Treasure Hunt
You can't go to a bargain grocer with a set list of needs. Instead you go with an open mind and the attitude of a treasure hunter. You just never know what you're going to get.

Name Brands are Common
Bargain grocery stores aren't clearinghouses for low-end products. In fact you'll often find name brands and goods that would normally be quite pricey at a typical grocery store.

Good Organic Selection
For some reason bargain grocery stores often have a good selection of organic products. But instead of paying top dollar you'll spend just a fraction of the price.

Cosmetic Issues
Dented cans or damaged packaging can be spotted quite easily at most discount grocery stores. If you can be someone who looks past cosmetic issues like this then you can save a lot of money.

Expiration Dates Aren't Always Accurate
Expiration dates may seem pretty firm, but the vast majority of the time the product does not automatically become unsafe once that date passes. There are some exceptions, like baby formula, but when it comes to potato chips, peanut butter, or even yogurt, chances are you'll be just fine.

Cereal is Expensive
A box of cereal that is not on sale can easily cost $5. But at a bargain grocery outlet you won't pay anywhere near that. And if you're skeptical about buying perishables like meat, produce and dairy at a discount store, cereal can be a safe place to start saving.

Don't Pay for Extras
Do you really need frills like an on-staff baker or sanitizer wipes for your grocery cart? Because even if you don't use these things you're paying for them at a typical grocery store. But at a bargain super market the frills don't exist and neither do the inflated price tags.

By Alison Storm

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