Paleo Diets for People on a Budget

Posted on 08/08/2014

Hunter-gatherer diet, caveman diet, Stone Age diet - the Paleolithic diet has a lot of names. But the basic idea is we should eat what our ancestors ate. That means no grains, dairy or processed foods. For some money-conscious eaters, that raises a red flag. Won't "going paleo" be expensive? Experts say it doesn't have to be.

Shoot for 80%
Instead of switching to a complete paleo diet shoot for 80%. Leave room in your meal planning for some cheaper staples like beans, pasta and rice, but do it in moderation. This could be a good compromise between the health of your bank account and your overall health.

Load Up on Frugal Options
Eggs are paleo and incredibly affordable. Make these a staple in your daily meals. Shopping for in-season produce will also help you cut costs on your paleo diet.

Avoid Restaurants
It's easy for a couple to drop $30 at a restaurant. That same $30 could go much further at the grocery store. Even if you are spending more money to stick with your paleo diet, you'll still be spending less than if you were eating out.

Dust off the Slow Cooker
The slow cooker can make eating paleo seem less daunting-- and expensive. You can buy cheaper meats (think hamburger instead of steak) and they'll come out tasting just as great as an expensive alternative. For 30 paleo-friendly slow cooker recipes check out

Putting a Price on Health
Keep in mind that what you put in your body creates short and long term consequences that could end up costing you more money down the road. According to, the average hospital stay costs about $10,000. Just think about the medical bills, sick time and medications that you could be avoiding by nourishing your body well.

By Alison Storm

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