Insta-Deals: How to Use Instagram to Save Money

Posted on 08/07/2014

Two hundred million people use Instagram, sharing 60 million images and tapping like 1.6 billion times a day. The social image sharing site isn't just for cataloging meals, manicures and messy kids. Instagram can also be a money-saving tool.

Follow the Frugal
The new generation of couponers seems to be popping up on Instagram. They're sharing deals, photographing their best hauls and offering up tips to their followers. Need some ideas on who to follow? Check out this crop of young and frugal couponers using Instagram at

Many Instagrammers are using the social media outlet as a way to clean out their closets. Instead of scouring the racks at a consignment store or perusing the pages of Craigslist, simply search the #shopmycloset hashtag on Instagram. You'll immediately find photos of cute clothes, shoes and jewelry at deeply discounted prices. You can also scroll through search results at

Enter Giveaways
Instagram is lousy with giveaways. And entering is usually as easy as following someone, reposting an image and getting the hashtag right. The more people you follow the more giveaways you'll discover. Or you can simply search the #giveaway hashtag.

Exclusive Coupons
Some brands are using Instagram to hand out exclusive coupons. For instance, Bolthouse Farms will give Instagrammers a dollar off coupon when they snap a picture of a Bolthouse Farms bottle or ad, upload it to Instagram and tag #carrotfarmers.

Search for Clearance
Before you head to a store, do a quick search to see what other deal hunters have scored recently. Search hashtags for your favorite retailers (like #walmart or #target) along with #clearance. Bargain shoppers aren't shy about sharing their hauls and it will give you an idea of what deals are awaiting you at your favorite store.

By Alison Storm

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