Affordable Apps to Help You Track Business Travel Expenses

Posted on 08/04/2014

Business travel sounds glamorous, but those who do it on a regular basis know it comes with its own set of hassles. One of those annoyances happens to be tracking expenses. The last thing you want to do is not get reimbursed, but holding on to all of those receipts and making sure you don't exceed your allotted per diem can be tedious. These affordable and free apps will help take the pain out of business travel by helping track travel expenses.

Mileage Log +
To track mileage for tax deductions or company reimbursement check out the Mileage Log + app, $9.99 in the app store. Tell the app the vehicle you drive and where you're going. It will automatically use the set reimbursement rate to calculate how much money you need back. Frequent trips are stored in the app for easy access.

Expense reports that don't suck? Apparently that's the idea behind the free Expensify app. Become paperless by simply snapping a photo of your receipt so that it's entered into your account. While the app is free keep in mind that unlocking the tool's full power will cost at least $5 a month.

Turn receipts into digital data in a snap with the help of the free Shoeboxed app. Submit them by taking a photo of your receipts, or collect them in a special prepaid envelope and send them to the Shoeboxed team for data entry. Quickly mark whether a receipt is reimbursable or deductible. You can also use the app to track mileage for company road trips.

Investing in expense management solutions can cut processing cost and increase company efficiency according to the team behind Concur Expense. It's more than an expense tracker app, also providing expense reports and automatic reimbursement payments. You can try it free for 30 days but after that you'll have to pay at least $8 per month per user.

BizXpense Tracker
Track your expenses, mileage and time all in one app with BizXpense Tracker, $7.99. It recently went through an overhaul to provide users with more dozens of additional tools and features. Not only will the app help you keep track of travel expenses, but it quickly creates reports that you can submit to your boss.

By Alison Storm

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