The Inside Scoop on Making Homemade Ice Cream

Posted on 07/03/2014

Thank you Ronald Reagan. He's the one responsible for designating July as National Ice Cream Month. Many brands lower prices or distribute coupons in honor of this special time of year, but have you ever thought about making your own? Since most of us are experiencing the warmest weather of the year, it's a great time to get the entire family involved in making some homemade ice cream. With these affordable tips you'll end up with some pretty sweet ice cream - and memories - in the end.

Ice Cream in a Bag
Forget the fancy ice cream maker. Pull out some plastic baggies instead. According to you'll need two of them along with simple ingredients like ice, milk, sugar, salt and vanilla. Corral some kids to help you shake the stuff. In a matter of minutes your sweet treat will be ready.

Homemade Ice Cream Base
Does everyone in your family like a different kind of ice cream? Instead of trying to shove several flavors into the freezer at once, whip up a simple batch of Homemade Ice Cream Base using the four-ingredient recipe at It consists of heavy cream, sugar, vanilla and salt. Once you've got this frozen base you can add any number of ingredients and toppings to make your designer ice cream.

Using Popsicles
Have some popsicles you'd like to use up? According to you can add fruit bars to whipping cream, milk and powdered sugar to make some pretty delicious homemade ice cream. Stick it in the freezer for a few hours to go from popsicles to creamy goodness.

Homemade "Magic Shell"
In the past you've probably spent a pretty penny on ice cream toppings, but it turns out you can make these at home for a fraction of the price. In fact, you may have the ingredients you need to make homemade "Magic Shell" already stashed in your pantry. According to it only requires a bag of semisweet chocolate chips, four tablespoons of coconut oil and one-fourth of a teaspoon of salt. Once it's made it will last for up to a month in the fridge.

Basic Vanilla
Prefer a semi-homemade approach? If you see a sale on basic vanilla ice cream go ahead and buy a few containers. Then get the family involved in making their own frozen treats by layering plain vanilla ice cream and things like chocolate sauce, peanut butter cups or chopped nuts into a small paper cup. Add a popsicle stick and freeze. According to your treat will be ready to consume in about ten minutes.

By Alison Storm

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