Summer Doldrums? Six Free Ways to Snap Out of the Slump

Posted on 07/16/2014

Battling a case of the summer doldrums? Someone once said, only boring people get bored. No one wants to be called boring so in honor of National Anti-Boredom Month, which falls in July, here are six free ways to snap out of a summer slump.

Enter Contests
Live July to the fullest by adding in a splash of opportunity. Enter a few contests or giveaways and let your imagination think about what it would be like to win a grand prize. Check out the long list of giveaways happening on social reading site Or dream even bigger with The Great This Old House Giveaway where you can enter once a day for a chance at $728,840.12 in prizes. You may not walk away the winner, but putting your name in the hat will at least give you something to hope for.

Read an Adventure Novel
Struggle for survival after a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness or search for buried treasure with Long John Silver. All of these adventures are yours for the taking when you pick up a classic adventure novel. Peruse the list at and then head to your local library to snag the book for free.

Shop for Free
Trying to fight the urge to shop? Give in just a little by shopping for free. Use your local Craigslist page's free section or check out in your area. Who knows, you may find yourself with a little treasure.

Get Active
No money for a gym membership? The gym doesn't need to know that. Spend a week of your summer getting to know your local Anytime Fitness by using the free seven day pass. Take a class, go tanning or just burn some calories on the elliptical machine.

Get Into a New TV Show
Summer TV can be so lame. But perhaps there's a show out there you missed just waiting in your Netflix account to be discovered.'s article "8 TV Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now" may help you find something you overlooked.

Play Games With Strangers
No one to hang out with this summer? That's ok. Download a free game to your Smartphone and initiate a game with a stranger. One to check out is the free version of Draw Something, the most popular social drawing and guessing game. Billions of drawings have already been created and users claim it's a great way to fill hours with fun.

By Alison Storm

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