Six Awesome Apps to Help Small Business Owners

Posted on 07/10/2014

Small business owners are the backbone of our economy. Since July is Independent Retailer Month it's a great time to think about supporting small business owners with our money and our resources. There's no denying that small business owners work hard, but hopefully these awesome apps can help make their job a little easier.

Mynd is a calendar with a brain. Since small business owners have a lot to juggle the free Mynd app provides information to help busy people achieve success. The most critical information appears on your home screen so you start each morning knowing what's in store. The app will even look up the LinkedIn profiles of people listed in your calendar so you can show up to meetings fully prepared.

It can be extremely difficult to maintain focus for hours and hours. With the free 30/30 app the basic idea is to stick with a single task for a designated amount of time with no distractions. Once that time period is up the app let's you know that it's time for a well-deserved break. Small business owners can repeat this process over and over throughout the day in order to accomplish as much as possible.

Simplify daily expense tracking and monthly budgeting with the help of the iXpenseIt app, $4.99. It provides tools for quick data entry and offers great looking PDF reporting to show financial trends, cash flow and expenses.

Don't want to foot the bill for a receptionist? Replace this member of staff with the free TextUs.Biz app. Easily create a point of contact for visitors using an iPad that allows for two-way messaging between guests and the person they need to see. The app will even take a photo of the guest and create a badge which can be printed at a wireless printer. The app keeps a searchable and printable log of all company visitors.

For businesses that sell on the go, Square makes accepting credit cards super simple. Sign up at and they'll even send you a free card reader to get you going. In no time you'll be able to accept credit cards from an iPhone, iPad or Android.
Get things done with the free app. Lots of small business owners need a hand keeping their to-do lists in order and does just that. Sync tasks between devices, create recurring reminders and stop letting the important stuff fall through the cracks of your busy life.

By Alison Storm

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