Registry Mistakes: 10 Wedding Gifts You'll Never Use

Posted on 06/03/2014

Whether you've dreamed of or dreaded the day when you'd be compiling your wedding registry, chances are you'll make some mistakes. Over on our sister site we recently shared ten wedding gifts you'll still use in 20 years. But what about the biggest blunders brides and grooms make? Here are ten weddings gifts you absolutely should not put on your wedding registry.

Yogurt Maker
Even if you really, really like yogurt you will probably never have enough time on your hands to make your own. So as cool as it sounds to be someone who makes their own yogurt, don't put that on your registry.

Photo Album
Do they even sell these anymore? If they do, don't register for them. You'll likely compile all your favorite wedding photos into a custom photo book. Chances are you will never print them out and make a scrapbook of your special day.

Huge Set of Martini Glasses
You have to be really into martinis-- and throwing parties-- to get significant use out of a big set of crystal martini glasses. Instead stick to some all-purpose glassware that will get more use.

Napkin Rings
As a single person using cloth napkins tied up with adorable napkin rings may sound like something married people do, but rarely does that happen. Leave the slot on your registry open for something that will be handier in real life.

Shrimp Forks
Again, shrimp forks are not something that get used on a regular basis-- unless of course you are a shrimp farmer. Don't clutter up your utensil drawer with these.

Margarita Maker
Margaritas are a tasty drink, but don't come across as a lush to your wedding guests. Instead register for a blender that can do the same thing, but much, much more.

Soda Maker
This is another trendy kitchen gadget that will probably end up selling for pennies on the dollar at a future yard sale.

Pasta Machine
As a newlywed, you are not likely to have the time or energy to putting into making fresh pasta at home. Save this purchase for a few years-- or decades-- down the road.

Trendy Accessories
It may seem cute now, but make sure every item you scan onto your registry passes the test of time. Will you still love it on your tenth anniversary? Heck, will you still love it on your first?

Pizza Oven
Even if you're extremely enthusiastic about pizza (and who isn't?) a pizza oven is probably not a good use of space in your kitchen. Use your regular oven to make pizza from scratch-- or better yet-- treat yourself to delivery once in a while. You'll probably appreciate having the night off from cooking for your new spouse.

By Alison Storm

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Posted on 06.04.14 at 10:57 AM

With all due respect, I wish I had crystal martini glasses, 18 years into my marriage. I host all the big family gatherings (20+ people) and we use the napkin rings for all formal holidays! Finally, our soda maker gets daily use rather than purchase of Perrier etc. Tried that pasta machine once and had pasta hanging over every inch of my kitchen. Away it went. Of course YMMV.


Posted on 06.09.14 at 4:18 PM

register for what you'll actually use.

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