How to Buy Coupon Inserts From Clipping Services

Posted on 06/20/2014

Do you find yourself only buying the Sunday newspaper so you can get your hands on the coupon inserts tucked inside? We're about to let you in on a little secret used by extreme couponers. They don't mess with the Sunday paper. They buy SmartSource, Red Plum and P&G inserts by the stack. Even if you're just someone who likes to cash in on really good deals now and then, buying coupon inserts from a clipping service could make sense.

Individual Product Coupons
Love Arm & Hammer liquid laundry detergent? Need to stock up on gluten free products? For a handling fee as little as a dime, will stock you up on specific coupons. Search the site by brand or product category. Keep in mind that there is a minimum purchase of $3 and a $.50 admin fee is tacked on to every order.

Inserts on Instagram
There are several Instagram users that sell coupon inserts. For instance, each week IG user CouponFunatic has hundreds of sets of inserts to unload. Recently she offered ten copies of two inserts for $11.60 or 50 copies of two inserts for $42.35. This is a much cheaper alternative to buying a bunch of Sunday papers.

Weekly Subscription Discount
If you read the fine print on many coupons you'll see that actually paying for a coupon is illegal. At they make it clear that the coupons themselves are free, but that the fees charged on the site are for collecting, sorting, clipping, storing or mailing coupons. The site even offers a loyalty rewards program. When you order for ten weeks you'll get the 11th week free, plus you'll qualify for $5 off your next order. If you sign up for a weekly subscription you'll save 10% off weekly rates and you won't have to worry about missing any inserts.

Same Day Shipping
Some clipping services don't ship orders daily, but that's not the case at As long as you place your order by noon your package will ship the same day. Plus if your order is $7.50 or more shipping is free. Buy entire inserts for about $2 or individual coupons for as little as a nickel. Be sure to check out the coupon codes page for extra discounts.

Shop Several Services in One Spot
Coupon like a rock star with the help of The site puts several coupon clipping services into one place, allowing you to search and shop from sources all over the country. Since coupons vary by region, this is a great way to ensure that you're getting the best coupons available.

By Alison Storm

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