Hot Weather Home Prep: Keeping Utility Costs Down During Summer

Posted on 06/06/2014

It was a long winter for many of us, but that doesn't mean we should expect any sort of relief from the summer heat. In fact keeping our homes cool may cost more this year thanks to a tighter regulation on coal, according to Fox Business. Compensate for those higher rates with these simple steps for prepping your home for the summer heat.

Clean Air Conditioning Filters
If leaves, pollen and debris are clogging up your air conditioning filter then it will have to work harder to keep your home cool. And of course when an appliance has to work harder that means you'll pay more in utilities. Follow these step by step instructions from to tackle this task on your own.

Apply Solar Window Film
Save hundreds of dollars a year on your energy bill by blocking out sun before it has a chance to heat up your home. With DIY residential solar window film you can quickly control heat and glare without blocking the view. Check out the energy savings calculator at to see how much you could save each year.

Get Those Fans Going
Circulated air feels cooler than stagnant air. Turn on your fans and you'll feel cooler even without having to drop the thermostat down.

Dust Off Your Slow Cooker
Don't use the summer heat as an excuse to hit up a restaurant-- that would be silly. But using the crock pot or outdoor grill will help keep your home from heating up unnecessarily due to oven use.

Turn Off the Lights
Sure, lights use electricity, but they can also generate heat. And anything that causes your home to be warmer in turn requires your air conditioner to suck up more energy. Turn off lights that aren't being used.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat
Bumping up your thermostat during the warmest hours of the day or while no one is home just makes sense. It's the easiest way to keep utility costs down. Experts suggest setting the thermostat between 78-82 degrees if you can handle it.

By Alison Storm

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