Cashing in on the Summer Sun: Affordable Solar Powered Products

Posted on 06/26/2014

Summer is here and while you may be paying a pretty penny to keep yourself cool from the blazing sun, you could also be capturing that free resource for energy. Installing solar panels on your home is expensive, but there are other solar-powered products on the market that may help you cash in on the summer sun without melting your budget.

WakaWaka Power
In less than two hours your Smartphone or small electronic device can have a full charge thanks to the sun and a little gadget called WakaWaka Power. It's $79 and can also provide up to 150 hours of safe, sustainable light. Plus when you buy one they'll give one to someone in a Third World country where electricity can be hard to come by.

Solar Powered Fan Hat
Is it hot in here? You won't even notice when you're wearing the Solar Powered Fan Hat, $10.49 at It's a golf hat that harnesses the sun to power a small fan that will keep your face cool.

Soji Solar Lanterns
Picture this-- friends and family gather for a late night midsummer garden party in your beautiful backyard, with light from brightly colored Asian lanterns suspended from tree branches providing an ambient glow. Make any space magical with the Soji Solar Lanterns, $28 from Choose between six beautiful colors.

Solar Pest Repeller
Who would have thought that the sun could actually keep bugs away? The Solar Pest Repeller harnesses energy from the sun which it uses to transmit ultrasonic vibrations every 30 seconds. Those vibrations prevent pests from coming around. This gadget is $24.99 at

Smart Solar Fountain Pump Kit
Convert any boring birdbath into a beautiful water feature with this Solar Fountain Pump Kit, on sale for $55.98 at It includes four fountain heads for a variety of sprays and since it relies on the sun for power you won't have to worry about getting electricity to a remote part of your garden.

By Alison Storm

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