Solving Common Pool Problems

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Posted on 05/20/2014

Pools are fun, as they offer a means of escape from the hot weather. However, they’re not always easy to keep clean. Dirty water and algae can plague a pool, making swimming not so fun. Fortunately, PoolSupplyWorld has the supplies you need to get your pool in fabulous working order so you can spend more time swimming in it, not cleaning it. Here are some common pool problems and what you can do to combat them.

Nobody wants to swim in green water. Keep green, black and mustard-colored algae out of your pool with PoolSupplyWorld PSW-CHY100 Black Algaecide ZAPPER 1 qt. It also works hard to prevent algae from recurring.

Clogged filter:
A clogged filter can cause your pool’s water to become dirtier than usual. Invest in the Filter Flosser 60-1000 Pool and Spa Filter Cartridge Cleaning Tool to keep your pool spic and span. This tool acts as a water pick to remove debris from your filter’s pleats.

Foam is nice on your coffee, but no so much in your pool. If you’re seeing your pool water foam up, you might have a pH problem. Balance out your pool’s pH with PoolSupplyWorld PSW-NY512 Water Balancer pH REDUCER 12 lb Bucket or PoolSupplyWorld PSW-NY485 Water Balancer pH INCREASER 25 lb Bucket. Not sure which one you need? Use AquaChek 551236 Silver 7-Way Test Strips.

Murky/cloudy water:
Got cloudy water in your pool? Make it sparkling clear again with Biolab 23722AE Angry Egg Pool Treatment, 5 lbs. The PoolSupplyWorld PSW-CHY190 Super Sparkler Clarifier 1 Qt. is also a good choice. This extra-strength formula is easy to use and effective.

Dirt and debris can cause some ugly stains around your pool. Prevent them with proper cleaning - without the elbow grease. The Solar-Breeze Solar Powered Robotic Pool Skimmer and Chemical Feeder is a solar-powered solution. It captures dirt floating on the water’s surface while dispensing chemicals to keep your water clean. PoolSupplyWorld PSW-CSY399-1 Cal-Hypo Super Strength Pool Shock 1 lb Bag is also effective at keeping pollutants out of pool, preventing the onset of hard-to-remove stains.

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