Hurricane Insurance: Is It Worth the Money?

Posted on 05/26/2014

Even though the National Weather Service is anticipating a "below normal" hurricane season this year, that doesn't mean you shouldn't take time to prepare. Hurricane Preparedness Week runs May 25-31 and while stocking up on bottled water and batteries is a no-brainer, should you invest in hurricane insurance?

Read Over Your Homeowners Policy
Your regular homeowners insurance policy may already include a clause regarding hurricane coverage. But if there's no mention of what happens if your home is damaged in one of these strong storms then you may need to consider purchasing insurance that protects you against hurricane damage.

Calculate Replacement Costs
For homes in coastal areas, the cost to replace your home may be far less than the value of your home. That's because even if a monster storm topples your abode you'll still be able to rebuild on the same plot of land. That's why experts suggest buying enough hurricane insurance to replace your home and belongings.

Investigate Risk
If you live in Minnesota you probably don't need hurricane insurance. But other parts of the country aren't so black and white. Find out if your community offers a free storm risk calculator like this one for the residents of Houston, Texas. Using data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the tool gives residents information to help them decide whether or not hurricane insurance is a good investment.

Add Flood Insurance
You may also want to investigate your risk of being impacted by a flood. While hurricane insurance covers damages associated with winds, fires and tornadoes, damage from flooding may not be covered. Access your community's preliminary flood hazard data at

Consider the Home's Age
While it's true that they don't build homes like they used to, that can be a good thing in hurricane prone areas. Local building codes have grown increasingly strict over the years so often newer homes are considered to be more storm-resistant. A professional home inspector can provide valuable advice regarding the quality of construction and a home's

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