Office-Friendly, Last Minute April Fools' Day Pranks

Posted on 04/01/2014

Playing pranks on your co-workers may be frowned upon most days, but on April 1st it's fair game. Need some ideas for last minute April Fools' day gags that don't require planning or purchasing anything? Check out this list of office-friendly easy pranks, gags and jokes.

Talking to the Printer
Trick your co-workers into talking to the printer with these official looking free printables. They each resemble realistic upgrade notices and can be printed for whatever manufacturer you have in your office including HP, Konica and Xerox. With any luck your co-workers will be talking or shouting at the copier.

Rubber Band Coat Sleeve
The funny family from suggests turning coat sleeves inside out and securing the cuff with a rubber band. Turn it right side out again and hang it up. When your co-worker attempts to put on their jacket they won't be able to get their arm through the hole.

Bogus Phone Message
Tell your co-worker they missed a call from Ms. Sally Mander or Mr. Perry Keet. Use the numbers set up by the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines just for circumstances like this. Apparently zoos all over the country are inundated with prank calls on April 1st.

Coffee Cup Piggy
Print out free printable pig snouts from and tape them to the bottom of your co-workers' coffee cups. Every time they take a drink they'll suddenly resemble a pig!

Claim Your Prize
Take a paper towel out of the stack in the bathroom and write on it "You're the winner of the bathroom giveaway! Claim your prize in Human Resources!" Stuff the paper towel back in the stack and wait to see who the lucky prize winner is.

Dollar Bill Fishing
Have a dollar bill in your wallet? Attach a piece of string or fishing line using clear tape. Leave the money on the floor and wait for your co-worker to snatch it before pulling the bill out of reach.

Swap Sugar for Salt
Does the coffee taste funny? Maybe that's because some office prankster swapped the sugar for salt. It's an easy trick to pull off and can result in some priceless reactions.

By Alison Storm

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