Last Minute Traveler: Why it Pays to Procrastinate on Spring Break Getaway Plans

Posted on 04/22/2014

Itching to take a travel break? Even if you haven't planned ahead you may be in luck. Sometimes being a procrastinator can pay off when it comes to traveling. Here are some reasons why waiting until the last minute may be best for spring break getaways.

Flexible Travel Schedule
If you're waiting until the last minute you probably don't mind if your vacation starts on a Sunday or a Tuesday. Travel experts say that's good because the more flexible you are the better your odds of saving a significant amount of cash. You'll skip the rush and take advantage of discounted travel tickets.

Save Hundreds on a Hotel
Book ahead of time and you'll probably pay full-price for a hotel room. Meanwhile, waiting until the last minute can save you hundreds of dollars. For instance at, hotels give the site their unsold rooms and prices are slashed by as much as 75%.

Opt for Simple
If you procrastinate enough you may just decide to opt for a simple plan like a nearby campground or a staycation. And doing that will definitely save you money because you won't have the expense of plane tickets, car rentals and overpriced souvenirs.

Experience Luxury for Less
Last minute travelers tend to enjoy a more luxurious travel experience than their budget would normally afford. That's because if rooms and travel packages remain unused destinations will cut prices in order to snag some last minute revenue from procrastinators. Visit to check out truly extraordinary vacations at budget-friendly prices. Save 60% on destinations like Sicily, Italy or Napa County, California.

No Time to Shop
If you wait until the last minute to book your trip you won't spend weeks or months buying trip "essentials" like a new swimsuit cover-up, designer flip flops or pre-vacation spray tans. You'll have just enough time to toss what you own into a suitcase and hit the road.

By Alison Storm

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