Crazy Things You Probably Shouldn't Try to Deduct Off Your Tax Bill

Posted on 04/10/2014

Scuba trips, hermit crab food and an iPhone are all among the unusual expenses people have taken as deductions according to CNN. While some of these work and some don't, you probably shouldn't try to deduct these crazy things off your tax bill.

Airfare For Your Pet
Some business travelers have attempted to write their pet's airline tickets off as an additional business expense. Unless you're a dog show organizer or celebrity pet groomer though it probably won't fly.

While uniforms and work-specific clothing that cannot be worn any other time are allowable deductions, most clothing is not. According to CNN one salesman tried to write off his toupee because it helped him to perform better at work. But experts say that could land you in a hairy situation with the IRS.

Party Expenses
Even if you do hand out samples of your product at your grandmother's birthday party or your kid's Bar Mitzvah you probably can't take it as a tax deduction. It may seem like an easy way to turn a social gathering into a business meeting, but it may be a red flag to the IRS.

Your Cell Phone
Unless you use your phone exclusively for business you shouldn't try to write it off. That smart phone may have cost you a pretty penny, but if you use it for personal reasons this deduction could get you in trouble.

If you work from home you may be tempted to write off your gardening and upkeep expenses, but most experts agree it's not a smart move. It could put you on the fast track to a painful audit from the IRS.

A Guard Dog
Your pooch may alert you when a stranger knocks on the door, but that doesn't mean you can deduct your dog as a security expense for your home office. According to some taxpayers tried to deduct pet food and vet bills. In the end they learned this lesson the hard way and taking the deduction came back to bite them.

By Alison Storm

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