Bargainist Gift Guide: National Sibling Day

Posted on 04/10/2014

According to US News 80% of us have at least one brother or sister. While they can be a pain at times few people know us better than our siblings. Celebrate these family members on April 10, Siblings Day, with a gift for your brother or sister.

Sister Necklace
A sister is a forever friend. Share that lovely sentiment with your sibling through the Hallmark stainless-steel "sisters forever" pendant, $12 at It includes an adjustable 18-20" chain.

Paper Cut Portrait
Turn a photo of you and your sibling into a beautiful handmade paper cut portrait from Etsy seller Paper Chop Shop. It's $65 and comes with your choice of colored paper.

Matching Sibling Shirt Set
Whether you have one sibling or three you can find adorable matching sibling shirt sets at The shirts come in adult, child and infant sizes.

Sibling Plaques
A sibling is a best friend for life. Celebrate the joys of a brother or sister with a sibling plaque, $59 from The artwork is digitally printed onto planked fir wood for a rustic look.

Counting Blessings
One of the joys of having siblings is that one day you'll get to be an aunt or an uncle. Count these blessings on a chalkboard designed with vinyl letters that helps you keep a tally of your nieces and nephews. It's only $15 on

By Alison Storm

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