Apps and Tools to Help You Share Expenses on a Group Vacation

Posted on 04/28/2014

Traveling with friends or family can be a great way to make memories and experience new places. But if anything has the ability to zap the fun out of your vacation it's money. Remove the confusion out of shared hotel bills and divvied car rentals with these apps and tools.

Short Reckonings
Take the hassle out of tracking shared expenses with Short Reckonings. Enter a list of people, input your expenses and a list of debts is calculated. Easily print, share, save and export your data with this user-friendly tool.

Bills, rent, tabs-- they can all be split up with the help of the free BillPin app. Add bills with Facebook friends and split them equally or by share. An instant summary records outstanding bills so you can notify friends of their financial standing through Facebook or email.

Settle Up
Pitching in is a great way to reduce the expense of a party, event or travel. But it can quickly turn awkward when some in the group have paid and others are mooching. Settle Up is a $.99 app that helps take the drama out of settling up debts. It identifies the minimal number of transactions needed to settle debts within a group. Plus it's available for different currencies and in 16 languages.

The great thing about Splitwise is that it's totally free for the web, iPhone and Android. Splitwise keeps a running total so you can either settle up a debt in one big payment or a bunch of little ones. The app will also send friendly reminders when a friend hasn't paid.

If you're taking a group vacation to Germany, Guatemala or any other foreign destination Comoney is a great choice. The lite version of the app is free while the full version is $2.99. Split expenses in various currencies. Take pictures of receipts so you don't have to worry about keeping track of documentation. And with a little work you'll all still love each other even after everyone chips in for the vacation.

By Alison Storm

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