Five Free Ways to Work Out Your Brain

Posted on 03/10/2014

The brain is pretty amazing and while you may have been to the gym recently, when was the last time you gave your brain a workout? The average brain represents just 2 percent of your body weight, but uses one-fifth of your body's total oxygen and blood, according to the National Academy of Sciences of the US. In honor of Brain Awareness Week which runs from March 10-16, here are five free ways to keep your brain fit.

Did you know your brain keeps developing until your late 40s? Head to to customize your brain's workout regime and you'll receive simple daily workouts based on neuroscience research. The exercises are engineered to train a variety of core cognitive functions and the site suggests coming back three to five times a week for workouts. A basic membership is free, but if you want full access to all games and progress monitoring tools you'll have to pay $5.33 a month for a year.

Eidetic App
Frustrated by the fact that you can't remember phone numbers or important facts? Download the free Eidetic app which uses a technique called spaced repetition to help you remember anything.

Memory Trainer App
New brain connections are created every time you make a memory. Both kids and adults can enjoy increased brain power with the free Memory Trainer app. Compete with other users and try to beat your best time.

The Clockwork Brain
Sprocket the robot will guide you through a series of mini games, each developed to test your cognitive abilities in areas like visual, spatial, language and memory. The app is free and there are also downloadable games available at

Brain Trainer
Android users can download a free version of Brain Trainer, which promises better brain function for users. If you skip out on some sessions the app will remind you and encourage you to get your butt (or brain) in gear.

By Alison Storm

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