Easy, Affordable & Healthy: Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas

Posted on 03/05/2014

We've all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when it comes to kids breakfast could impact the rest of their lives. That's because when kids eat a great breakfast studies show they'll perform better in class and on tests, having a lasting impact on their educational success. In honor or National School Breakfast Week which runs from March 2-9, here are some easy, affordable and healthy breakfast ideas.

Breakfast Banana Split
This simple recipe may not be more than a banana topped with yogurt and sprinkled with blueberries, but simply calling it a Breakfast Banana Split could be enough to get your kids excited. Get the full details at singforyoursupperblog.com.

Apple Doughnut Muffins
What kid doesn't like doughnuts? Unfortunately one doughnut can contain enough sugar to last a week so give this healthier version of Apple Doughnut Muffins a try. Thesouthernbellebaby.com suggests coating them in melted butter and rolling them in some cinnamon and sugar for an extra special treat.

2-Ingredient Pancakes
Pancakes can be too messy and labor intensive for a busy week day, but these 2-ingredient versions are low calorie, high protein and kid-friendly. Mash a large banana with a fork, add two eggs and pour your batter into the griddle. Top with some nut butter or syrup for a quick, tasty breakfast.

Muffin Tin Omelets
Hide veggies like tomato, pepper and spinach inside these Muffin Tin Omelets created by Justapinch.com. Line the tin with ham lunch meat topped with veggies. Then fill the cup 3/4 full with an egg mixture and bake.

Fruit Smoothies
Smoothies tend to go over well with kids. Maybe it's because they resemble milk shakes. It's also a great way to get kids to eat more veggies and fruit than they probably typically would. Find 201 free kid-friendly smoothie recipes at superhealthykids.com.

By Alison Storm

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