Six Grand (But Inexpensive) Ways to Say 'I Love You'

Posted on 02/11/2014

Money can't buy you love, which is a good thing for us frugal types. But being frugal doesn't mean you can't be romantic. This Valentine's Day get creative without spending much money by saying 'I love you' in a grand way.

Use Candy
Stock up on your sweetie's favorite candy. Use mailing labels to stick custom love notes on each piece. Hide them in places your Valentine will discover throughout the day or use the treats to spell out a romantic message on the dining room table or on the bed.

Use Chalk
Draw a giant love note on the sidewalk or driveway using sidewalk chalk. If it's snowy, use a water bottle filled with water dyed with red food coloring to create your big message.

Waste Post-Its
Waste a perfectly good pad of Post-its by writing a different thing you love about the object of your affection on each sheet. Cover a wall with them, or create a Post-It pathway that leads to a candlelit dinner or their favorite dessert. These kiss-shaped sticky notes from are perfect at just $3.39 for a two-pack.

Love Letter Scavenger Hunt
Don't leave the romance to Hallmark. Handwritten love letters are worth gold to a loved one. But instead of writing just one-- write ten. Create a love letter scavenger hunt by hiding them around the home.

Blow Up Love Balloons
Buy a pack of red, white and pink balloons. Write small love messages and stuff one in each balloon. Blow them up and stash them in your sweetie's shower, car or cubical at work.

Change Your Profile Photo
Take a selfie holding a sign professing your love. Make it your social media profile photo for Valentine's Day. Be sure to tag your loved one so they are alerted to your public love note.

By Alison Storm

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