President's Day: Who Were the Wealthiest Leaders of America?

Posted on 02/17/2014

Politicians often bill themselves as average Joes, guys who know what it's like to put in a hard day's work, get their hands dirty and struggle to make ends meet. But the truth is many of America's leaders could be considered elite for their wealth. In fact here are some of the wealthiest Presidents throughout history.

George Washington
If the country's first president were alive today his net worth would be valued at half a billion dollars according to He owned 8,000 acres of prime Virginia farmland and earned way more than other presidents, two percent of the federal budget.

Thomas Jefferson
America's third president was also a wealthy man. He owned thousands of acres of land, some he inherited from his father. Alive today he'd be worth $212 million.

Andrew Jackson
Our nation's seventh president, Andrew Jackson was the first one not born into money. He was orphaned at a young age and inherited $300 from his grandfather which he used to pay for law school, according to He owned more than a thousand acres of land and by today's standards would have had a net worth valued at $119 million.

Theodore Roosevelt
Like many Americans, Theodore Roosevelt lost lots of money in a risky real estate venture. But he started out with a large trust fund thanks to the work of his prominent and wealthy family. His Sagamore Hill estate sits on some of Long Island's most valuable land.

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton wasn't always rich, but being President of the United States sure paid off. He's made millions post-office on book deals and speaking engagements. The Washington Post reports his net worth is currently $38 million.

Herbert Hoover
Orphaned at age nine, Herbert Hoover wasn't born into wealth. To pay his college tuition he worked as a clerk in the school's registration office and started a student laundry service, according to From pushing ore carts 70 hours a week in a gold mine to eventually being a high-salaried mining executive, Hoover earned his way up to becoming one of the wealthiest American leaders in history.

By Alison Storm

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