Cheap Date: Six Ways to Create Romance at the Mall for Under $20

Posted on 02/12/2014

When you think of 'date night' you probably think of taking in a movie, enjoying a romantic meal or seeing a show. While you may have not taken a date to the mall since you were in middle school, it can actually be a great place to conger up some romance without spending much cash.

Hit the Photo Booth
Most malls have a photo booth somewhere. For a few bucks you can share some private moments with your loved one, capturing candid shots just of the two of you.

Share Something Sweet
It may not be a fancy restaurant, but you can still find some tasty treats at the mall. Split something sweet like a Chick-fil-A milkshake or a Cinnabon cinnamon roll. Sharing makes it all the more delicious.

Get Relaxed
Let the tension melt away and enjoy a few laughs together by trying out the massage chairs at Brookstone. The stores are usually stocked with state of the art massage chairs that pulse and vibrate your aches and pains away. Buying one will set you back a few thousand bucks, but taking one for a test ride is completely free.

Build-A-Bear Workshop
The best gifts are personalized, so instead of heading to the mall jewelry store for a romantic gift take your sweetheart to the Build-A-Bear store and create a cute stuffed animal together. You'll always have a keepsake from your special date night. The Big Hearts Bear is just $18.

Buy Chocolate
Everyone knows chocolate is an aphrodisiac, but the gourmet variety can be pricey. Instead of buying your sweetheart an entire box of truffles head to the Godiva chocolate shop to savor just one or two pieces.

Find a Signature Scent
The nose knows romance. During your date night spend some time at a department store fragrance counter sampling some of the latest and most popular perfumes and colognes. If you find one you really like for your partner ask the clerk for a sample vial. Every time you smell it you may just be reminded of your romantic date night at the local shopping mall.

By Alison Storm

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