Burn Awareness Week: Free and Low-Cost Resources to Keep Kids Safe

Posted on 02/03/2014

Every year more than half a million people receive medical treatment for burn injuries in the US and Canada. About half of those injuries are scalds and it's children that are among the most vulnerable. Celebrate Burn Awareness Week, which runs the first week in February, by utilizing these free and low-cost resources for keeping kids safe.

Turn Pan Handles
One of the easiest ways to keep kids safe is to turn pan handles out of reach and toward the back of the stove. This will prevent little hands from pulling boiling liquids or scalding contents onto themselves, resulting in dangerous injuries.

Lower Your Water Heater Temp
According to the American Burn Association most burns happen in the home, usually in the kitchen or bathroom. Make sure the water that comes out of your faucet never gets hot enough to hurt your little one's delicate skin. Experts advise adjusting your water heater thermostat so that the temperature never exceeds 120 degrees.

Use a Safety Tub
Sometimes it can be tough for an adult to tell when the water temperature is too hot for a child's skin. Products like the Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Safety Duck Tub take the guess work away. A safety disc in the tub reveals the word "hot" when the bath water is too warm. It sells for about $10 at retailers including Target.com.

Check for Recalls
Manufacturers recalled more than 15 million appliance units in the past five years for defects that could cause a fire, according to research from Consumer Reports. Make sure you don't have a time bomb in your home by doing a quick search of recalled appliances, electronics and more at recalls.gov.

Install and Check Smoke Alarms
According to officials with the National Fire Protection Association, about three in five home fire deaths happen in homes with no smoke alarms or ones that don't work. If you have a working smoke alarm you'll cut your chances of dying in a fire in half.

Teach Kids Safety
About 15 kids are injured every hour from fires. One of the most powerful ways to fight that statistic is through education. Access a free fire and burn safety program for preschoolers and their families at safekids.org. It gives parents and caregivers the tools to keep kids safe from fires and burns.

By Alison Storm

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