5 Sneaky Sales That Don't Offer Much Savings

Posted on 02/19/2014

Marketers and advertisers can be very tricky. They can make you think you're getting a bargain when in fact you're not saving that much money at all. Be a savvy shopper and keep an eye out for these five sneaky sales that don't offer much savings.

Buy One Get One Half Off

At first glance a sign that says "buy one get one half off" seems to be announcing a pretty good deal. But if you do a little quick math all that boils down to is 25 percent off. That kind of discount isn't bad, but it's nothing to write home about. And it's certainly not a reason to stock up on the advertised item.

Free Shipping With Minimum Purchase
No one likes to pay for shipping so the offer to get it delivered to your door for free can be enticing. However, when that offer comes with a stipulation the freebie can quickly lose its luster. Sometimes you may even be convinced to spend more than you were planning to just to qualify for free shipping. If you really want a good deal look for sites that always offer free shipping, no matter how much you spend.

Everyday Low Price
When you see a sign that says something like "everyday low price" don't get too excited. That doesn't mean you've discovered a great deal. It's just another way of telling shoppers that they should be happy with an item's regular price.

Buy Now Save Later
Plenty of retailers offer rewards for shoppers, but the catch is these earnings can't be used until a later date. It's a great marketing ploy to get shoppers back in the store a week or two later so they use their rewards and likely end up spending even more money than they intended. Or worse yet-- you may forget to cash in your rewards, which feels like flushing cash down the toilet.

A Sale that Never Ends
Shop at certain big box retailers and you'll notice signs that say something like "always 30% off." Well that's not much of a sale. That just means the regular price is artificially inflated so they can continually offer shoppers a pretty significant discount. Don't fall for these ongoing sales.

By Alison Storm

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