5 Reasons to Consider Wearing a Used Wedding Dress

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Posted on 02/04/2014

You may have considered buying a used car, used coffee table or a used treadmill, but the thought of buying a wedding dress that's been previously worn may seem a bit extreme. If you're planning on saying 'I do' any time soon here are five reasons to consider walking down the aisle wearing a dress that's taken the trip before.

You'll Get More for Your Money
If you've set aside $1,500 for your wedding dress and you go to a shop like David's Bridal you'll walk out with a $1,500 dress. But if you take that same stash of cash to a website like oncewed.com you'll score a $2,500 Romona Keveza gown for $1,000 and still have $500 leftover for a killer pair of heels. In other words, going used will get you a much better dress for a much nicer price.

It Was Only Worn Once
It's not like you're buying someone's broken in bra. The wedding dress was treated with kid gloves, worn for a few hours by a woman who has never been more clean, coiffed and beautified in her life, only to be carefully cleaned for preservation after the reception. You've probably bought brand new clothes from a department store that have been tried on more.

You Can Still Shop Local
If you're afraid that buying a used wedding dress will mean you don't get the fun experience of trying on gorgeous gowns in front of your bridesmaids, don't worry. The best idea may be to head to a bridal salon and find a dress you like. Then set up a Google alert for that gown so that if anyone lists a used one for sale you can pounce.

You Could Be Supporting a Great Cause
If you shop for a used gown at one of the dozens of upcoming stops of the Nationwide Tour of Gowns you'll be helping a great cause. The wedding dress sales raise money to support programs for cancer patients, their families and caregivers.

You Won't Feel As Attached
If you buy your dress secondhand you may be less likely to have a death grip on it for the rest of your life. It could be a little easier for you to let it go, putting some of the cash back in your pocket and letting another bride wear it for their trip down the aisle.

By Alison Storm

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