Winter Olympics Party: Celebrating the Opening Ceremonies on a Budget

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Posted on 01/30/2014

Even if you had enough money for a plane ticket to Sochi for the 2014 Olympic games, security concerns have been enough to keep some people home. Instead, go for the gold and celebrate the opening ceremonies in style and on budget with these fun ideas for a winter Olympics party.

Use Free Invitations
No need to pay for party invitations for your Olympic bash. Instead use these freebies from Prefer to go digital? Use this free Team USA design from

Create the Olympic Rings
Head to Krispy Kreme (or your donut purveyor of choice) and pick up some glazed donuts. Cover them in blue, yellow, black, green and red frosting to create your own Olympic rings.

Decorate the Table
Visit your favorite craft store with your coupon in hand and pick up some Styrofoam wreaths. Use them like suggests and apply acrylic paint in the Olympic colors. Set the rings on your food table and display your snacks inside the rings.

Construct an Olympic Medal Podium
Create a medal podium using supplies you have around the house like overturned milk crates and wooden boxes covered in paper. It will make for a great photo op for guests, especially when you give everyone a medal. These gold medals are only $4.25 per dozen at

Buy Lifesavers
Lifesavers just happen to come in many of the Olympic colors. Toss them in the bottom of a fizzy drink like did for the summer games and you'll have an instant Olympic-themed cocktail.

By Alison Storm

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