TV Time: Finding the Best Big Screen Deals for the Big Game

Posted on 01/28/2014

Did you sleep in on Black Friday instead of buying a new TV? Let go of the regret because many experts say now is actually the best time to invest in a TV. Just before the Seahawks and Broncos go head to head in the biggest sporting event of the year, many retailers will be slashing the prices of big screens in order to win your business. If you want to score big consider these TV buying tips.

Avoid 4K UHD
You may be tempted to buy a 4K UHD, the latest and greatest in television screen technology, but that's not where the bargains will be. You'll spend five times as much and probably won't notice an upgrade in picture quality. You probably will notice how slim your bank account is, though, after you fork over the cash for one.

Spend Less Than $500
In recent surveys, those Americans who plan on purchasing TVs for Super Bowl Sunday say they plan to spend less than $500. Retailers know this is a key price point for getting shoppers to pop so they'll be offering plenty of deals in this range. If you were planning to spend less, that's just fine. But you'll most likely be able to score a great deal for under $500.

Indoor/Outdoor Screen
If you want to go the budget route, but truly wow your guests for the big game consider buying a projector screen. You can pick up a 92" indoor/outdoor screen for $111.99 at You'll need a projector, too which can cost as much as a big screen. But you can also rent these for as little as $60 from sources like

Consider Clearance
Don't rule out finding a clearance deal. Some stores may still be trying to unload last year's models. At for instance they're offering a 50" Panasonic for $479.88. Or you can take home a 47" LG 1080p for $499.88.

Don't Overspend on Cables
When you buy a new TV you may also need to buy a new HDMI cable. These vary widely in price, but in most instances, don't vary much in quality. In other words, you won't get more bang for your buck if you buy the $100 cable verses the $2 cable. Save money and take the cheapest option to the checkout.

By Alison Storm

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