No-Spend January: How to Take a Money Diet

Posted on 01/03/2014

Plenty of people make New Year's resolutions to eat less and lose weight. But if you'd like to focus more on the size of your bank account rather than the size of your waistband in 2014 you may want to consider going on a money diet. Give your financial goals a fighting chance by taking part in one of these no-spend challenges.

January Money Diet
Can you go a full 31 days without spending any money? Hundreds of people are giving it a shot with the Fifth Annual January Money Diet at You'll get a daily email delivered to your inbox with motivation and tips. The goal is to make January a great month without spending any cash.

52 Week Money Savings Challenge
Put an extra $1,378 in your pocket in time for next Christmas with the 52 Week Money Challenge from Each week of the year, save that much in dollars. So this week you put one dollar in a jar, next week two dollars and so on. Print out a free template and start stashing your cash.

No-Spend Challenge
Detox your budget with a financial fast. There's a No-Spend Challenge happening at Get support all month long in the Frugal Living forum. There are some allowables like bills and groceries, but everything else is considered a luxury.

No Eating Out Challenge
Do you spend too much money at restaurants and in drive-thrus? Then you may want to consider joining the No Eating Out Challenge as a way to save money. Participate through the month of January or make a year-long goal. Get support on the forum at

No-Spend Pantry Challenge
Have you forgotten what food is stashed in the back of your stuffed pantry? Get organized and save money with the No-Spend Pantry Challenge. Devote January to cleaning out your cupboards with the help of There you'll find a free Freezer Checklist, Printable Weekly Menu Planner and loads of easy recipes that you probably already have the ingredients for.

By Alison Storm

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