Free and Low-Cost Resources to Be Your Best in 2014

Posted on 01/02/2014

The new year is the time to focus on creating a new you. Becoming your personal best doesn't have to be an expensive endeavor. These free and low-cost resources will help set you on your way to becoming your best in 2014.

Power Sheets
Power sheets from are $35 and include goal setting and action plan sheets. You'll be prompted to create your vision for 2014 and design a plan to make it happen with monthly, weekly and daily tending lists.

Healthy Recipes App
With a couple of clicks you can access 450,000 recipes from The free app will make sure that you're never stumped on what to make for dinner. So if your desire is to spend less or eat healthier this app can help you achieve your goal.

Simplified Life Binder
Make 2014 the year you finally get organized. The Simplified Life Binder will be a great resource to help make it happen. It's a catch-all home organization system designed to corral receipts, school reminders and much more. It's $24 at

Lose It App
If your goal is to get healthier and lose a few pounds in 2014 you're definitely not alone. But rather than rely on pricey gym memberships or personal trainers let the free Lose It app be your guide. It helps you make healthier choices through smarter eating and exercise. So far it's helped people lose 26 million pounds.

Daily Encouragement
No matter what goals you're setting for 2014, receiving a daily dose of encouragement will definitely help keep you on track. Sign up for a free e-newsletter from You can receive daily prayers, wisdom and inspiration to help you maintain focus throughout the entire year.

by Alison Storm

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