Declutter Your Devices: What To Do With Outdated Gadgets

Posted on 01/15/2014

A couple of weeks ago you made a promise to yourself. You committed to clearing out the clutter in 2014, streamlining your stuff and organizing your life. Now is the time to declutter and let go of outdated devices that are simply collecting dust. If you've ever wondered what do with antiquated gadgets here is your guide.

Recycle Them
Don't send your iPod or laptop to the landfill. Instead dispose of it responsibly through a tech recycling program. Many manufacturers offer to recycle their old products free of charge. Some may even give you a few bucks for your old stuff. Apple, for instance, will give you a gift card for your old device if it has any monetary value. If you have a Canon product you need to recycle let the company know and they'll email you a free shipping label.

Donate Them
You may not want that cell phone from 2007, but someone else might. In fact there are lots of programs that collect unwanted cell phones and distribute them to people in need. Check out, a non-profit providing cost-free communication services to active-duty military and veterans. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence also accepts cell phones, laptops, MP3 players, digital cameras and more. The organization receives a portion of the proceeds from selling refurbished gadgets and uses the funds to support anti-violence programs.

Sell Them
If you also happen to have a New Year's resolution that deals with saving more money than this may be your best option. If your outdated gadgets are in working order check out Answer a few questions about your device and find out in minutes how much it's worth. Gazelle pays for shipping and pays you by check, Amazon gift card or Paypal.

Trade Them
Still need to replace that old device? If you want to trade in your outdated gadget for a new one then check out Amazon's Trade-In program. It works on all sorts of electronics including Blu-ray players, camcorders, eReaders and more. Trade the old stuff in for Amazon credit that can be used to purchase your shiny new gadget.

By Alison Storm

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