Stuck With It: The Hardest Gifts to Return

Posted on 12/30/2013

According to reports , one in seven adults return a gift after Christmas. Merchandise totaling more than $46 billion will be going back to the stores. Some retailers have been tightening down on their return policies making it tougher to give anything back-- especially if you'd rather have cash. But if you want to return one of these items it may be especially difficult.

Many stores have strict rules about returning electronics. Some retailers will charge a restocking fee which takes a bite out of the value of your gift. Thankfully, major retailers like Target and Best Buy no longer charge a restocking fee.

Computer Hardware
With the rapid advancement of technology these days retailers have created strict rules for returning items like computer hardware. The window for returning these items has been shortened in many cases to 30 days or less.

Gift Cards
Gift cards can't be returned. Of course you can always buy something at the store that you like, but if it's a retailer you really don't like you may want to try a gift card swapping service like Sell gift cards for up to 92 percent cash back.

Food and Perishable Items
Food can be a popular gift around Christmastime, but unfortunately if it's not something you want to eat, your only option may be to regift it to someone else. Many retailers like forbid returns on wine and perishable products including chocolates, plants and flowers.

Personalized Products
Whether it's a makeup bag that's been monogrammed or an iPod that's been etched with your name getting a refund on something personalized is probably not going to happen. It's virtually impossible for a retailer to resell these products.

That was nice of Grandma to stock you up on undies, but if she bought the wrong size, most of the time these items aren't returnable. At Forever 21 all undergarments are non-returnable. Other retailers don't allow swimwear to be returned either.

By Alison Storm

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