Free Shipping Day 2013: What You Need to Know to Save

Posted on 12/17/2013

If Black Friday is for the planners, Free Shipping Day is for the procrastinators. And apparently there are lots of them. In 2011, Free Shipping Day enjoyed more than $1 billion in online sales becoming the highest earning Friday in online retail history, according to This year the holiday falls on December 18 and if you still have some gifts to buy here's what you need to know to save big money.

Have a Plan
At first it seems like you might actually save money when you shop on Free Shipping Day. But studies show that nine in ten consumers actually spend more when offered free delivery. Have a plan for your Free Shipping Day purchases otherwise you could end up overspending.

So far 742 merchants are participating in Free Shipping Day. You can see the list at However, the full details won't be revealed until 12:01 EST on Wednesday, December 18. Keep tabs on the site for a comprehensive list.

Follow the Hashtag
Another way to stay on top of which retailers are on board with Free Shipping Day is by following the hashtag #freeshippingday on social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You may even find out ahead of time which stores are taking part.

Try Stacking Codes
Some retailers will allow you to stack coupon codes on top of the free shipping offer. This means you can save a dollar amount or percentage off your purchase as well. I wrote recently about several retailers including Shutterfly, Kohl's and Victoria's Secret that allow this. Learn more at

Expect the Best
The best bargains will be from retailers that offer free shipping with no minimums. And thankfully that's a deal hundreds will be offering. But some will try to slip into the Free Shipping Day celebration by offering a sub-par deal that requires a minimum purchase of $25, $50 or more. Expect the best and only shop from the stores that don't require a minimum purchase. Participating merchants must agree to get your gift to its destination by December 24 - proving that procrastinating can pay off.

By Alison Storm

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