Movember: How Having a Beard Can Save (And Make) You Money

Posted on 11/06/2013

Have you noticed a lot more fuzzy faces walking around? It could be because of a craze caused by those Duck Dynasty guys. Or it could be because it's Movember, the month when men grow out their mustaches to raise money to combat prostate and testicular cancer. Globally, 3 million participants have raised more than $446 million since the movement started ten years ago. While the charity aspect of growing facial hair is great, having a beard can actually save-- and make-- you money.

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Spending Less on Grooming
By growing a beard you'll spend less on things like blades, razors and moisturizer. Plus, new research reported from reveals that women consider bearded men to be very attractive and masculine. That means the beard could be enough to wow your woman, reducing your expenditures on flowers, aftershave and other items that typically create romance.

Fewer Sick Days
Sounds crazy, but a beard can actually keep you healthier. Not only does it serve as a natural moisturizer and sun block for your skin, all that hair can impede allergens from entering your nasal passages according to Those pollutants could harm your body, but instead your beard is keeping them at bay. Just make sure to scrub your facial hair filter regularly.

It Worked for Steve Jobs
There are a growing number of powerful business leaders sporting facial hair. Although past studies have shown that unruly beards can have a negative impact on hiring, CEOs like Apple's Steve Jobs or Stuart Butterfield of Flickr are changing the trend. But experts agree that the key is to keep your beard trimmed so that it complements your style rather than distracting people.

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By Alison Storm

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