Five Reasons to Stay Home on Black Friday

Posted on 11/15/2013

Every year, almost 135 million shoppers brave the cold and chaos of Black Friday to snatch up the best deals. While it can be a fun tradition, Black Friday has its downfalls. If you're looking for a reason to sit this year out here are five of them.

The Deals are Online Anyway
Don't feel like braving the cold or facing the feisty Black Friday crowds? Those deals on discounted TVs, game consoles and clothing can be found on retailers' websites too. Of course, there are some exceptions. Walmart for instance is advertising several in-store only deals. But there's a good chance you can find similar savings elsewhere online.

You Value Thanksgiving
There's a recent trend of retailers opening their doors on Thanksgiving day instead of saving all the specials for Black Friday. Stores like Macy's, Best Buy and Toys R Us are all opening up on Thanksgiving. Kmart's decision to open at 6am on Thanksgiving was met with a big backlash when shoppers took to social media and threatened a boycott. There's no harm in skipping some potential deals and opting for family time instead.

Avoid Angry Mobs
While the vast majority of Black Friday shopping is fun and festive, it is possible to encounter an angry mob. You may recall in 2008 when a Walmart employee in New York was trampled to death by shoppers. During Black Friday 2011, a woman injured 20 shoppers as she pulled out her pepper spray during a struggle to buy a discounted Xbox 360.

Germs Will Be Spread
Any time you are around a lot of people your chance for catching someone else's germs increases. And few places are as packed as a big box store on Black Friday. Cases of the flu are increasing this time of year and certainly there will be some die hard shoppers who flock to the deals despite being sick. So in addition to going home with that bargain flat screen, you could also come home with a nasty cold.

Sleep Sounds Good
You work hard, waking up early just about every other day of the week. Now that you have a couple of days off, do you really want to wake up before the sun to go shopping? Spend some quality time with your bed and log a few extra hours of sleep. Chances are you'll still find some amazing deals and you'll feel better rested doing it.

By Alison Storm

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