Are You Ready for Some Football? Taking in a Pro Game on a Budget

Posted on 11/14/2013

Are you read for some football? The season is in full swing and if you're sick of being an armchair quarterback check out these tips for getting in on the action while sticking to your budget.

Go On a Week Night
According to MSN the average NFL ticket costs $203.75. Too rich for your budget? We don't blame you. But if you choose to cheer on your favorite team on a week night you may find a better deal. Those tickets don't get snapped up quite as fast and are often discounted closer to game day.

Procrastinate on Tickets
When it comes to football, planning ahead is not a good money saving move. Waiting until as close to game day as possible will increase your opportunity for cutting costs. Three days before game day ticket prices usually drop in an effort to fill the seats. Check out third party websites like which finds the best deals on football tickets from hundreds of sources and doesn't charge for the service.

Try Secondhand Seats
Season ticket holders can't always make it to every game, but that doesn't mean they want to let their seats go unused. Rather than let a relative use them for free many season ticket holders try to unload them through the Ticketmaster's TicketExchange. Really good seats can go for much higher than face value, but if you're willing to take a gamble you can get a deal.

Buy Parking Online
Parking can be a major expense on game day. Instead of testing your luck outside the stadium get some high tech help beforehand. Check out sites like and They help you find the cheapest nearby parking spot and display real-time availability.

Eat Before You Go
Most stadiums don't allow fans to bring in food and drinks. In fact some stadiums don't even permit bags or purses. So the idea of bringing cheap snacks with you isn't probable. But keep in mind those stadium concession stands mark up hot dogs and sodas significantly. Load up before you go and you may have enough money left over to buy a team souvenir-- at Walmart.

By Alison Storm

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