Scoring Free Candy: Trick or Treating Alternatives

Posted on 10/24/2013

The mission for Halloween night usually involves collecting as much free candy as possible. But this doesn't have to be done by going door-to-door, begging your neighbors for the sweet stuff. You can still score free candy with these trick or treating alternatives.

Trunk or Treat
Churches and community centers often hold trunk or treat events. The idea is that instead of letting kids run through the neighborhood on Halloween night, they're slightly more contained within the confines of a parking lot. Parents decorate their trunks with various kid-friendly themes like western or under the sea. Adults distribute gobs of candy and kids have a blast without the risk of encountering any unfriendly spooks.

The Mall
Your local shopping mall may also be welcoming trick or treaters this year. Many malls hand out candy at each store. And since it's an indoor alternative you don't have to worry about the weather.

Children's Museum
Children's museums often organize big Halloween bashes. In Houston the children's museum is hosting a Monster Mash Bash on Halloween night complete with a dance party, crafts and, of course, safe trick or treating. Youngsters will be allowed to roam every corner of the museum to collect treats.

Nursing Homes
Area nursing homes may be organizing their own trick or treating events. It's a great way to lift the spirits of older residents in your community while letting your little ones load up on free candy at the same time. Call ahead to make sure your super heroes and princesses are welcome.

Your child's school may also offer a substitute to door-to-door trick or treating on Halloween night. It's a great way to boost school spirit and create a deeper sense of community among students, teachers and parents.

By Alison Storm

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