Scary Cheap: Halloween Costumes Under $5

Posted on 10/17/2013

For those who want to celebrate Halloween but are spooked by the idea of spending much money on a costume, never fear. We've got five Halloween costume ideas that will cost you less than a bag of candy corn.

Paper Doll
This costume only requires poster board, markers and some imagination. suggests pulling an inspiration outfit out of your closet and using it to trace your paper costume on the poster board. Include tabs just like real paper doll clothes. Cut it out, decorate with markers and attach string or yarn around the neck and waste to secure while wearing.

Pull an apron out of the pantry, grab a rolling pin from the kitchen drawer and dust a little flour on your cheeks. Accessorize your costume with a chef's hat made of white cardboard and tissue paper just like explains.

Already have a pair of dark rimmed glasses? Then all you need to complete your nerd costume is some tape on your nose, a button down shirt with a pocket protector and pants that are just a little too short. Draw on some freckles with a dark brown eyeliner pencil for good measure.

Need an excuse to wear your comfy robe in public? Halloween is your best shot. Put on a green or blue face mask and roll your hair in curlers. Complete this head to toe look with a pair of fuzzy slippers.

Skeletons are a great go-to Halloween costume. But don't waste money buying one. Instead go the DIY route with the help of these free printables from Print your leg bones, ribs and even a mask. Pull on black clothing and tape the bones on for a simple costume that will cost you pennies.

By Alison Storm

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